What is Business Jaunt doing to keep employees and clients safe?

All employees have been given two re-usable cloth masks. Frequently touched surfaces such as counters and door knobs are disinfected between each client. Furniture and desks have been separated to allow for social distancing. 

Do I need to wear a mask?

We request that anyone visiting our office wear a mask or cloth covering. Disposable masks are available at the front desk if needed. 

Is it safe for me to travel right now?

There is no single answer to this question. Some questions to consider are whether you are a high-risk, have there been recent outbreaks at your destination, and how do you intend to travel. To discuss your specific situation call to speak to an expert or visit the CDC website for additional information.

Can I cancel reservations due to Coronavirus?

We have found that companies and individuals have been understanding of the need to cancel during this pandemic. However, not every cancelation results in a refund. It is important to read any contracts that were involved in the transaction to see the terms of cancelation. Business Jaunt has specialists on staff to help with questions related to contracts and to advocate in negotiations if need may be.